Lovely bit of writing by “Noir Realism” introducing more about Latour’s latest, epic, project. It really feels like Latour is weaving a very subtly complex thread between opposing dualisms… addressing conceptual and vital ecological issues in a way that ends up so strange and weird, yet I do find it helpful. Latour gives anthropocentrism (for that is ultimately where he has returned to) a good name.

Southern Nights

Just discovered through Adam Robbert’s site, Knowledge Ecologies (click here), that a provisional portion of Catherine Porter’s upcoming translation of Bruno Latour’s An Inquiry into Modes of Existence is now available: click here (pdf).

“Is there a way to bridge the distance between the scale of the phenomena we hear about and the tiny Umwelt inside which we witness, as if we were a fish inside its bowl, an ocean of catastrophes that are supposed to unfold? How are we to behave sensibly when there is no ground control station anywhere to which we could send the help message, “Houston, we have a problem”?”

– Bruno Latour, Waiting for Gaia

It appears that Bruno Latour is seeking a new epistemic-ontological account that revises our understanding of Science and Modernity, and “objectivity through trust in a scholarly institution” without leaving those who serve such institutions the sense that the sciences no longer serve the…

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