Reading List

I have become a bit of a book addict in recent months, as there just seems to be so much I need to know about and so much I am interested in across the many disciplines of the course I teach on as well as the research topics I am exploring.

I have a bit of a backlog (ok, masses of piles of reading material) and I thought it would be good to use this page to list the books and papers I am intending to work through.

Of course, I don’t need to read all of all of them. I hope to increase the value gained from my reading by blogging my reading notes here.

I’ve just read:

Kendall, G. & Wickham, G. (1999) Using Foucault’s Methods, London: SAGE

so that will be first on the list.

Here is a list of books/chapters that I have read some, most or all of over recent months, many of them included in my research degree application bibliography:

Anderson, B. & Harrison, P. eds. (2010) Taking-Place: Non-representational theories and geography, Farnham: Ashgate

Bennett, J. (2010) Vibrant Matter: A political ecology of things, North Carolina: Duke University Press

Coole, D.H. & Frost, S. eds. (2010) New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency and Politics, North Carolina: Duke University Press

Harman, G. (2002) Tool-Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Objects, Chicago: Open Court

Harman, G. (2009) Prince of Networks: Bruno Latour and Metaphysics, Melbourne, Aus.: re:press

Ihde, D. (2010) Heidegger’s Technologies: Postphenomenological Perspectives, Fordham

Ingold, T. (2011) Being Alive: Essays on movement, knowledge and description, London: Routledge

Knappett, C. & Malafouris, L. eds. (2008) Material Agency: Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Approach, New York: Springer

Kozlovsky, R. (2007) Adventure Playgrounds and Postwar Reconstruction, In: Gutman, M. & de Coninck-Smith, N. eds. Designing Modern Childhoods: History, Space, and the Material Culture of Children, New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, pp171-192

Prout, A. (2005) The Future of Childhood, London: RoutledgeFalmer

Pryke, M., Rose, G. & Whatmore, S. eds., Using Social Theory: Thinking through Research, London: SAGE/Open University Press

Simondon, G. (1958) On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects, Paris: Aubier, Editions Montaigne [Translated from the French by Ninian Mellamphy]

Thrift, N. (2008) Non-representational theory: Space, politics, affect, London: Routledge

And here are a few books I haven’t started on yet, but I am sure will be relevant:

Bogost, I. (2011) Alien Phenomenology, University of Minnesota Press

Malpas, J.E. (2006) Heidegger’s Topology: Being, Place, World, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Murdoch, J. (2006) Post-Structuralist Geography: A guide to relational space, London: SAGE

Verbeek, P. (2005a) What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design, University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press

Wolfe, C. (2009) What is Posthumanism?, University of Minnesota Press

Yablo, S. (2010) Things: Papers on Objects, Events and Properties, Oxford: Oxford University Press


3 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. Haha, thanks Arthur! I could read your comment as some kind of homoerotic allusion but instead I’ll just assume you had an Eco-centric reason for your joke.

    And congratulations for being the first person to comment on my ‘blog,’ which as you can see is embryonic at best. It was hidden for ages but I decided to make it visible and thought as a result I would be prompted to write more.

    And I’m sorry not to have responded sooner – haven’t got the hang of getting on here regularly yet.

    I’ve got loads of material in ‘draft’ mode, honest! I don’t have the courage to post most of it in such an unfinished state, although of course I can see the value of using one’s site as a sandbox for scraps and thoughts. Maybe I will keep that sort of thing on my posterous doodah.



  2. Excellent reads! You might add Ray Brassier’s Nihil Unbound, and Nick Land’s Thirst for Annihilation (actually a reading of Kant and Bataille). Looks like you have an interesting set of ideas for your thesis as well! Good luck as you grow in your path!


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